Heroes And Villains

[HD] Electronic | Digitizer - Heroes And Villains [Free Download]

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It's 2016! Here is a song I have been spending a lot of time on. It's a shorter song that my usual, but I wouldn't make it any longer because I think it's good as is.

This song I was inspired by superheroes and movie soundtracks. I wanted to give it a sort of heroic, uplifting vibe. As a challenge for this song, I only used ZynAddSubFX for all the synthesizing. I'm super excited to be featuring artwork in my videos for the first time, and I love how this video turned out. I hope you do too.

This song is dedicated to my 3rd sister. I love you, sis!

â–ºWallpaper By Slyvanie

Image Link: http://ow.ly/WGHR8

â–ºVideo By Mistr Bowtie

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