Teminite & PsoGnar - Senses Overload (Digitizer Remix)

Here is my Drumstep remix of Teminite and PsoGnar's brilliant track "Senses Overload" for their remix competition!

I'm a really big Teminite fan, so hearing all the stems and putting my own spin on the song has been just epic. I like how it turned out and I had a blast with it!

I hope you enjoy it!


What do you use to make your music?
Currently, I use a DAW called LMMS (, Native Instruments Massive, T-force Alpha Plus, JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphones, a Desktop computer running on Enlightenment, Ion Discover DJ Turntables and two speakers.

What are your favorite genre's?
EDM (mainly Dubstep), film scores, electronic guitar music (That counts right? E.g: Linkin Park).

What are your favorite musicians/bands?
Tristam, Teminite, Fonik, Linkin Park, Daft Punk.

What are your favorite songs?
Tristam - Truth (favorite song ever), Teminite & Panda Eyes - Highscore, Fonik - Changes

Honorable mentions: Henry Jackman - The Medallian, Tristam - Once Again, Tristam x Karma Fields - Build The Cities (Empire Of Sound) (feat. Kerli), Stryv & Karliz - Daybreak

What gender are you?


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Janet Defield
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