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Hey guys!

Today I bring to you an uplifting sort of progressive trance song in a drum and bass BPM from my upcoming "Number One" EP. I have been working so hard on building up my mixing and mastering skills, and I hope that shows in this composition.

As stated on my Facebook page earlier, I am announcing the official release date for a song I have been working on for the entire time even before I created Nightfall. It will be my most awesome track yet!

Center Of Tension will be out 6/1/2015!

*Update: Center Of Tension is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITuNOKrrpMI

So get ready, the wait will be worth it!

As it is my sisters birthday today, I would like to dedicate this song to her. Thank you for really encouraging me and always being there to listen and give me criticism. You are an amazing friend!

Feel free to wish her a happy birthday in the comments bellow and tell me what you think of my song!


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►EP Art By:
RebeccaDeField.com (My sister. It's okay to be jealous.)

You can promote or use this song in any of your videos as long as you give me proper credit.

Likes, comments and subscriptions are very appreciated.

Cya next time!
Digitizer out.

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